TPS Pipe Thread


Used to prevent galling& leakages for casing, tubing and line pipes in high temperature and high pressure in all deep oil-gas well drilling environments. Manufactured with selected high quality base oil thickened with solid ller, polymer and rustproof additives. Provide sealing and lubricating the casing and tubing thread of deep and ultra deep oil-gas well, and various high-temperature and high-pressure valve and valve stem and other industrial devices.


Packaging: 1lbs can & 35 lbs pail

HP Polyurea Grease


A long life bearing & high temperature grease. It has contains extreme pressure additives. Widely uses on high temperature furnaces and conveyors in steel mill, marine, or applications subject to slow or high speed, medium loads, and wet conditions& in high temperature friction parts in electronics & metallurgy industries. Can also be use in Fleet & Off Road equipment.


Packaging: 1lbs can & 35 lbs pail

 Synthetic Grease 1225


High quality synthetic oil-based grease containing special extreme pressure additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors as well as molybdenum disulphide. Use on working temperatures that are so high that no grease can stand up to them - in excess of 400°C, Use on oven kiln-car bearings; furnace door hinges; high temperature/ high speed anti-friction bearings at high temperatures where no carbon deposits can be tolerated.


Packaging: 500gm & 15 kg pail

 UG2 Grease


A premium quality high temperature grease. It is a water resistant. Suitable for high-temperatures, loads and speeds. Compatible with most plastics (ABS, GPPS, HIPS, Nylon, Polyacetal, PB and PC, etc). Suitable for electric motor fan bearings of power stations, wheel bearings, electric motor bearings, pump shaft bearings, conveyor bearings, sleeve bearings, etc.


Packaging: 500gm & 15 kg pail

Oxygen Safe Grease


A Perflouroalkylether based and PTFE thickened grease that outperforms conventional lubricants do not. It is safe for uxgen services, low vapor pressure, non-toxic and non-flammable, does not contain silicone, insoluble in hydrocarbon, petroleum distillates,

 water, steam, chemical solvents and acids. Application include welding equipment, medial and hospital equipments, breathing diving and aircraft systems and high oxygen environments.


Packaging: 200gm jar, 1 lbs can, 5 lbs & 30 lbs pail

Univerzal PFPE Extreme Grease No. 2


A PTFE thickened, perfluorinated polyether grease with exceptional stability ensuring very long-term lubrication characteristics. It is suitable for the lubrication operating at high temperatures, up to 280ºC, where there is a risk of attack by chemicals or solvents, and in the presence of oxygen. Also suitable for applications requiring "lubrication for life".


Suitable for lubrication and protection of various chemical valves, bearing, slides and O-ring seals. PFPE lubricating grease can be safely used in all plastic bearings; nuclear, aerospace, food industries; paint production line; chemical industries and many other industries; it can be used in the working condition which mineral oil and other synthetic grease cannot be used.


Packaging: 1 kg jar

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