Spanjaard Chain & Linkage Spray


A lubricant containing a soluble form of molybdenum that penetrates like oil, lubricates like grease and does not stain. For use on all chains, linkages and cable. It is not subject to fling off and remains on working surfaces to give a long-lasting lubrication under the most demanding conditions. Its dry nature prevents excessive dust build-up.


Packaging: 150ml aerosol & 400ml aerosol


Spanjaard Liquid Grease


Contains MoS2 and other EP additives giving minimum fling-off and high water resistance. Penetrates like oil and lubricates like grease. Suitable for use on standard and O -type chains. Use Chain & Linkage Spray when non-black product is required.


Packaging: 400ml aerosol.


Spanjaard Wire Rope Dressing LQGX


A liquid consistency grade designed for easy application. It is a extremely tacky product containing molybdenum disulphide and other solid lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, water repellent and anti-fretting additives. It prevents lubricant fling-off during use and water wash-off resistance.


Packaging: 5 kgs tin pail & 15 tin pail


Spanjaard Chain Lubricant 726A


A clear color synthetic chain lubricant for high temperature oil. Suitable for 250ºC and 500ºC for short duration. Leaves no carbonaceous residue as experience in mineral oils . Use in industrial high temperature oven chains, conveyors, spindles, ropes, stenter chains in the textile industry & etc.


Packaging: 5 Liters tin & 20 Liters tin pail.


Spanjaard Chain Oil 718


A black color mineral oil-based medium viscosity chain lubricant containing M0S2 for general application. Suitable up to 180ºC.


Packaging: 5 Liters tin & 20 Liters tin pail.


Spanjaard Chain Wax


A superior blend of waxes and extreme-pressure additives in aerosol form for application to all motorcycle chains.

It prolongs chain life by protecting against wear, water and corrosion. It penetrates deeply into linkages. Adheres strongly to the chain, eliminating fling off. Does not attract dirt


Packaging: 400ml aero

Spanjaard Open Gear & Wire Rope Spray


A black adhesive open gear and wire rope lubricant and corrosion protector to surfaces. contains molybdenum disulphide, other solid lubricants and extreme pressure additives to provide improved lubricating and load carrying properties. Reduces gear chatter and will not effect gear tolerances. For use in spur, helical, worm-drive gears and open gears under high load conditions. Provides low starting torque at low temperatures. Protect gears and wire ropes against moisture/water and eliminates fling-off.


Packaging: 400ml aero

Super Lube Superpull Cable Pulling Compound


Translucent aqueous polymeric gel with PTFE. It has an extremely low coef cient of friction. It will not burn, and can be used in temperatures from -15°F to 220°F. Compatible with LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, PVC, Neoprene and Polyurethane cable jacketing materials used in the manufacture of power, telephone and ber optic cable. It lubricates power, electric, telephone and fiber optic cable.


Packaing: 1 Quart; 1 Gallon & 5 Gallons poly.

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